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Lent is a tradition that commemorates the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert. Lent is an opportunity to transform our lives and become agents of transformation in our communities. This season is a time to practice generosity, kindness, patience, simple living, moderation, forgiveness, and sacrifice.

As Jesus was tempted by Satan, also we will be tempted to give up our goals as our everyday lives greet us every morning with new challenges. But we don’t have to face the wilderness on our own. Scripture tells us that Jesus is with us in this journey. Let us walk together as a community, finding strength, support, and inspiration in one another.

Every morning, we will gather to consider the day ahead of us. Some of us will be inspired to share their thoughts and feelings. Some of us will be called to offer a prayer. Some of us will offer a brief spiritual practice to help us stay focused. Some of us will share a brief reading that will inspire us throughout the day.

We challenge you to take part in this 40-day journey with the Beyond the Walls community. If you can’t join every day, do it whenever you can. We’re looking forward to walking this path with you.

This is a Zoom event. To connect please click on this link:

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Advent 2022

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