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Online Activities

In addition to our online church service livestreamed on Sundays and our Centre Place lecture series livestreamed on Tuesdays, Beyond the Walls hosts a number of activities throughout the week:


Join music director Leandro Palacios for virtual choir practice on Zoom every Thursday evening at 7:30 pm EDT

Use this link to join in:


At 9:00 pm EDT, join us for the Beyond the Walls Social Hour.  Evan Sharley facilitates the Restoration Room where we discuss distinct ideas and practices within our tradition.  Neil DeAtley facilitates the Lectionary Room where we read and think about the scripture for the upcoming Sunday service.  Vickie Thatcher facilitates the Relaxation Room where you can share in mediation and spiritual practices.

Use this link to join in:


On alternating Saturdays at 10:00 am EDT, join our Book of Mormon discussion group led by Neil DeAtley.

Watch our meditations

Breathing, relaxation, and guided exercises. Experience deep relaxation. Learn to manage stress and anxiety. Deepen your spiritual practice. Our approach to mindfulness draws together Zen meditation and other techniques from the mystical traditions of East and West. We also incorporate the modern perspectives of neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and philosophy of mind. All levels, spiritual types, religious backgrounds, and gender identities and expressions are welcome.

We start with guided exercises to help us find the right posture and breathing rhythm. Then, we focus the mind and explore consciousness envisioning images and considering ideas that draw together ancient wisdom and mythology from the Eastern and Western traditions with up-to-date theories in the fields of neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and philosophy of mind. We follow with a few minutes of gentle yoga to relax the core muscles in preparation for 10 minutes of silent unguided meditation.  

All levels are welcome. This is a judgement-free, non-competitive environment. You can either sit on a chair or on a meditation cushion. You can bring a change of clothes to make your practice more comfortable.