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Online Church

Share inclusive church online each Sunday at 12:00 pm EDT with Beyond the Walls.  Disciples and seekers gather from hundreds of locations each service share in worship and build together a sacred community that is not limited by physical location.  Services last about 60 minutes.

Services regularly consist of:

  • A Prelude (ministry of music) as participants gather

  • Greetings and Opening Homily from our pastor

  • A Call to Worship (short scripture reading)

  • An Opening Hymn performed by the Beyond the Walls Choir

  • The Invocation (opening prayer)

  • A Peace Lesson and Prayer for Peace

  • The Global Welcome to participants around the world

  • The Living Church Lesson and Prayer

  • The Lectionary (scripture reading)

  • The Sermon on the day’s reading and theme

  • A Meditation on the Message

  • Thanks and Announcements

  • The Closing Hymn performed by the Beyond the Walls Choir

  • The Sending Forth (short scripture reading)

  • A Postlude (ministry of music) as the service concludes

  • After-Chat Discussion between the pastor and the ministers


The first Sunday of each month we celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper simultaneously from hundreds of locations across the globe.  (On these Sundays, the Sacrament takes the place of our Meditation in the service.) We ask that you mindfully prepare emblems of bread and wine in your location so that when the blessings are given in the livestream, you can share in this symbolic, sacred meal with our global congregation.  If you are watching the services recorded, we ask that you wait until you can be with us live to share in the sacrament. 

Watch Past Services

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In our Easter service, Pastor John Hamer described how the life and death of the historical Jesus, followed by visions of the risen Christ led early Christians to write sacred stories in the form of the gospels. The gospels are not eyewitness accounts, nor are they histories — rather they are religious texts that speak of the Jesus Christ of scripture. The scriptures, in turn, inspired and informed Christian theology and our understanding of God through the conception or lens of the Trinity.

On September 26th, we held a special Testimony Service where members shared the diverse reasons they feel called to be part of Community of Christ and their hopes and visions for the future.

Get a feeling for our Global Congregation with a special Testimony Service from Tahiti!  Each week, French Polynesia is consistently the third most represented country in our service after the United States and Canada.

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